Ryan Gibson


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Ryan Gibson wasn’t always the talented portrait and sports photographer that he is today. In fact, for many years he had a very different career, one that allowed his naturally introverted personality to remain well within its comfort zone. He was a carpet designer, working in Dalton GA, the famous “Carpet Capital of the World”. After many years as a successful carpet designer, Gibson began to grow bored with this career and decided to take his design background in a different direction, opting instead to make his passion for photography his new profession.

With this new career and the many portrait assignments that began to come in, Gibson was forced to step out of his comfort zone and become more extroverted. He loves his newfound talent and the challenge of bringing out the inner essence of his subjects. He’s certain that being a natural introvert puts his subjects at ease and allows them to fill the room, to present themselves if you will. He’s just a generally easy guy to open up around.

Gibson is a soft-spoken and gentle person. His images likewise often express a characteristic vulnerability and kindness. He tends towards the conceptual and infuses his work with a subtle humor, though at times his wife isn’t so sure that humor is clear to anyone but him.

As he looks to the future, Gibson would love to do more commercial and editorial work that is inspired by his personal work. He has loved photographing athletes and would like to branch out toward more entertainment personalities. He’s hoping these new subjects will allow for him to further explore his conceptual ideas and subtle sense of humor expressed through his imagery.
”Gibson is a soft-spoken & gentle person. His images likewise often express a characteristic vulnerability & kindness. ”