Jeremy Deputat

Detroit & Los Angeles

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His love of photography has always gone hand-in-hand with his love of music ever since he was a kid, discovering music based simply on the album cover designs and images. It’s no wonder Jeremy went on to study graphic design and become an art director. He vividly remembers buying his first hip-hop album; NWA Straight Outta’ Compton. He fell in love. Thirty years later, Jeremy just shot the packaging for Dr. Dre’s latest album Compton. Now that’s coming full circle.

While serving as art director for a local weekly newspaper in Detroit, Deputat began taking the photographs for the magazine because he felt he could do better than what they were getting with their small budgets. After a few years as serving as both art director and photographer, he opted for the latter quitting his job and heading straight out LA where he had a contact at Interscope Records. Within no time he was photographing musicians such as the Kid Rock, and Eminem.

Being a born and bred Detroiter, Deputat clicked with Eminem and became his personal photographer for over eight years. He traveled the world with the rapper, finding a home away from home within this Detroit crew. During this time he also produced a book with Kid Rock called “I’m Kid Rock; What’s Your Excuse?” that dropped in 2012. What was supposed to be an eight or nine show stint quickly turned into six months on the road with Kid Rock and resulted in their collaborative book.

Always hungry and looking for what’s next, Jeremy has his eye to more conceptually inspired work. He’s become a master of capturing sound and vibe visually. Now he’s wanting to expand his talents to a broader conceptual storytelling for brands and the larger entertainment industry. Given his success thus far, we’re sure this is a rising star.

“Being a born & bred Detroiter, Deputat clicked with Eminem & became his personal photographer for over eight years. ”