Lou D'Angelo

Los Angeles

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“It’s all the background that makes you who you are…it’s about how you get there, & where you’ve been & the roads you’ve traveled that make it all possible.”

Hailing from the “land down under”, Lou has recently relocated to LA from his native Melbourne. A veteran car photographer with a career that spans the globe, D’Angelo has lived and worked in countries all over the world. Having gone to India over 50+ times for client work, Lou is accustomed to being able to think quick on his feet and find the perfect location for his shoot.

His love of photography goes back to his brother’s darkroom, where he enjoyed the magic of developing photographs as a kid. Several decades later and Lou now travels the world creating epic imagery of cars. He says of being a car photographer, “it requires constant travel for scouting, finding that perfect architecture or that precise bridge. You’re always out exploring for something new and striking. And when you’re doing so, you get to stay in local places, meet local people, and enjoy their culture and food. My love of travel, food and photography is all combined in it.

A new resident to LA, Lou is excited to meet with new clients and create new collaborative relationships. He’s happy to have his son teaming up with him as his DP as well. He says, “Life is all about trying new things, pushing your comfort zone. It’s all the background that makes you who you are. It may somewhat shine through in the image, but it’s about how you get there, and where you’ve been and the roads you’ve traveled that make it all possible.” These are the words from a man who has clearly traveled quite a few roads himself.