Samantha Wolov

San Francisco & NYC

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Aself-taught photographer with an academic background in art history and gender studies, Samantha Wolov brings a self-conscious feminist approach to her luxury fashion imagery. “As a woman who works in fashion, I realize I’m actively contributing to the fashion visual dialogue. I’m conscious that other women will internalize my imagery and so I make it a point to try to be fair and realistic in my representation of women.” This includes placing an emphasis on photographing plus size models and models of color. She wants her imagery to represent the full range of actual woman in the world, not simply the glorified.

She describes her signature aesthetic as a “painterly approach”, with a tendency towards minimal lighting and clean tone and color. When on set, Wolov seeks to democratize the creative process instead of opting for the traditional artist hierarchy. Though ultimately it is her voice and visual sensibility that must come through, Wolov finds the collaborative approach most liberating both for the work and those involved. She wants everyone on set to participate, including the makeup team and assistants in helping the model bring out the intended character. Everything on set including musical selection is aimed at this end.

An East Coast photographer with a West Coast zip code, Wolov splits her time evenly between NYC and San Francisco. Besides photography, she’s a dedicated pastry chef, a lover of sci-fi novels, a die-hard Monty Python fan, and an unapologetic cat lady. She’s getting married this August and though she claims to be the least “fashion-y” person in the fashion world, we’re sure she’ll stun on her wedding day.
“As a woman who works in fashion, I realize I’m actively contributing to the fashion visual dialogue… I try to be fair & realistic in my representation of women. ”