Andrew Vanasse


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“ Andrew's current push is towards active lifestyle, aiming to shoot for clients like Nike and Vans.”

The third oldest of seven kids, Andrew hails from the desert city of Phoenix, AZ. After 20 years in the heat, he ventured off to the East Coast, spent some time in southern California and eventually landed in the great Pacific Northwest, which he now calls home.

Even at the young age of 27, Vanasse is actively defining and honing his signature aesthetic. He sees this as an ongoing endeavor and feels like he’ll always be trying to be a better photographer than he was the day before. To him, if you stop trying and start settling, then you’ve achieved all you wanted to achieve and it’s time to move on. That’s why he loves this industry, “It’s always pushing you to learn more and to never settle.”

In his drive to increase his national exposure, Andrew is constantly producing new personal work. His current push is toward active lifestyle, aiming to shoot for clients like Nike and Vans. He’s also pursuing editorial work and putting out projects such as his ongoing Adjective Portrait series. This series is an ongoing set of self portraits in which he acts out different adjectives in a subtle but slightly humorous way.

As he continually works on landing more commercial clients and bigger editorial stories, his ideal first A-list celebrity to photograph would be none other than Kylo Ren himself, Adam Driver. Just a helpful hint.