Robb Scharetg

Washington DC

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Veteran photographer and storyteller Robb Scharetg creates visually stunning imagery that’s unique in its emotional depth and sincerity. A true humanist in every sense of the word, Robb seeks to tell uniquely human stories, whether it be in the form of his personal work series about veterans, or foxhunting, or duck hunters or even a large commercial job for the US Navy. In both his commercial and personal work, Robb’s authenticity and honesty shines through.

Originally from the Bay Area, Robb now calls Washington DC home, living just a few miles outside of the city in a beautiful area near the Potomac called the Palisades. An avid outdoorsman himself, Robb is continually finding new ways to incorporate his personal passions into his photography. A devoted father who continually derives inspiration from his son, Robb subscribes to the idea that we all need to stop every once in a while and try to see the world through fresh curious eyes.

As Robb looks to the near future, he’s excited to create several new bodies of personal work that he has in mind. He finds his work personally enriching and is compelled by his very nature to get out and continually create new and beautiful imagery.

“In both his commercial & personal work, Robb’s authenticity & honesty shines through. ”