Caterina Bernardi

San Francisco

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”Caterina seeks to blend fantasy & reality to create mesmerizing imagery.”

Originally from Norway, Caterina’s work is distinctly inspired by the epic landscapes of her native home coupled with the imaginative fairy tales told to her as a child. She seeks to blend fantasy and reality to create mesmerizing imagery. Her aim is to inspire in much the same way that she was inspired as a child, hearing tales of far off lands and unique cultures set as the background for exotic adventures.

Ever since she was a little girl, Caterina has been enthralled with the idea of travel and exploring the world. Her curiosity and empathy are strikingly clear in her gorgeous lifestyle imagery. Based in San Francisco, Caterina used to call Brazil home for several years. She began to master her photographic vision while in Brazil and has since brought that vision to the U.S. market.

Now happily married and the proud mother of a young daughter named Kaya, Caterina finds herself telling the same fantastical stories from her childhood to her daughter. Caterina recently returned to her native Norway to create a personal body of work merging the beauty of the feminine form with the breathtaking vistas from which she came. This body of personal work offers both a nod to her childhood imagination as well as the empowerment and vulnerability found in a fully embraced femininity.